We stop creditor harassment and negotiate and settle your credit card accounts, medical bills and other unsecured debts for less.

Being in debt can be scary…but it doesn’t have to be. And you can escape that anxiety and pressure by  putting a good team of debt help lawyers to work for you.

Our debt settlement methods don’t just focus on getting you out of debt. Instead, we seek to maximize your settlement leverage through enforcement of your consumer protection rights, rights that are often violated during collections and credit reporting. Laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and others are powerful forces when negotiating reduced settlements.  Plus, violations of these laws can actually net you settlement dollars or offset your debt. And even if you don’t qualify for debt settlement, we may still be able to offer you no cost Fair Debt and Fair Credit services.

We represent consumers in individual and class action lawsuits throughout the United States. Our corporate office is located in Mesa, Arizona but we have attorneys licensed in state and federal courts throughout the country who want to help you.

Recent News & Updates

How to Deal with Creditor Harassment

Being over your head in debt is not a comfortable or pleasant experience. It can be stressful enough when your income won’t stretch far enough to cover your bills. Creditors calling only adds to the stress and does not help you resolve the problem. Some debt collectors even violate consumer law in their collection attempts. What Is Creditor Harassment? Creditor harassment of consumers can occur... Read Article

Helpful Debt Settlement Advice

With broad access to credit cards today, it is easy for debt to get out of control. Balances can mount up until it is difficult to meet the monthly minimums, while interest and late charges continue to accrue. For some consumers in this situation, debt settlement may be the best solution to the problem. What Is Debt Settlement? Debt settlement is the process of negotiating... Read Article