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New Jersey Debt Help Lawyers

Weisberg & Meyers, Debt Help Lawyers, represent consumers throughout the state of
New Jersey, offering affordable consumer financial legal services and solutions to a wide
array of consumer debt and credit problems.

Debt Settlement

The New Jersey debt settlement attorneys of Weisberg & Meyers will negotiate with your creditors and collectors to achieve a reduced payoff to your outstanding defaulted unsecured debts. Debt settlement services may also be available to negotiate student loans, back taxes and other government fines. You can avoid bankruptcy and stop collections. Affordable rates, experienced lawyers, statewide services.

Your Fair Debt Rights

Weisberg & Meyers enforce consumer's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) rights and sue debt collectors who violate these protections. Offering Free* FDCPA representation to qualified consumers, Weisberg & Meyers will protect you against abusive, harassing and unscrupulous debt collectors and make them pay you for violations of your Fair Debt Rights. Aggrieved consumers may recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages, actual damages, plus payment of their attorney fees and court costs, so a Debt Help Lawyer's FDCPA representation is at NO COST TO YOU. Experienced lawyers, statewide services.

Collection Lawsuit Defense/Wage Garnishment Help

Debt collection lawsuits are often filed without supporting evidence and as such, may be defensible. Wage garnishments are often procedurally flawed and as a result, may be unenforceable or terminable. Why then are consumers victimized by these predatory collection tactics? The answer is easy: because you often need legal counsel to protect your rights. Don't become the next consumer to default on that collection lawsuit. Don't just stand idly by and allow your hard earned wages to be garnished. You have rights, and the services of a Debt Help Lawyer in New Jersey are available to prevent your rights from being abused. Affordable rates, experienced lawyers, statewide services.

The My Smart Debt Program

Recognizing consumers need the services of affordable Debt Help Lawyers in New Jersey, Weisberg & Meyers is pleased to offer the My Smart Debt Program. This service provides written attorney interventions, validations and disputes to an unlimited amount of your creditors, collectors and credit reporters every month. Stop collection calls and letters. Refute improper credit charges and credit entries. Your creditors and collectors have a team of lawyers on their side, now you can too! Low sign up fee, lower flat monthly fees, experienced lawyers, statewide services.

Bankruptcy: Chapters 7 and 13

Though no one wants to file for bankruptcy, it is sometimes an unavoidable tool of last resort for future financial well-being. Discharge debts under chapter 7, or get a chapter 13 repayment plan authorized by a federal judge. Stop creditors and collectors, start over fresh. Affordable rates, experienced lawyers, statewide services.

Home Mortgage Help

Have a bad interest rate, or worse, an adjustable home mortgage? Need a short sale to avoid foreclosure in New Jersey, or to defend a foreclosure attempt? Don't just pay an unfair mortgage or be foreclosed without a fight, save your house, or at least your money! A Debt Help Lawyer's mortgage adjustment services may be available to you. Affordable rates, experienced lawyers, statewide services.

Affordable Debt Help from New Jersey Debt Help Lawyers Weisberg & Meyers

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